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Visiting Phinizy Swamp – Augusta, GA

Phinizy Swamp is located about 20 minutes from Downtown Augusta, nearby the Regional airport. It is one of the first places that we visited in the area when we arrived in January 2014, and we like to go there frequently to walk around the swamps. It is pretty interesting to see the nature and the landscape of the park changing through the seasons. In winter, it is mostly dry and, even on a sunny day, it looks grayish because of the trees without leaves and the famous ‘Spanish Moss‘, which is very typical in the Southeast of the USA. During summer time, it’s raining a lot in the area (that’s why Georgia is know for its hot and humid climate!) so the swamps are more filled with water, the nature is more colorful and… mosquitos are back and they are hungry!! Beside insects, it’s common to meet animals that live in the park, especially turtles, armadillos, raccoons, some alligators, snakes, lot of different birds and, of course, frogs!

Note that Phinizy is a ‘Nature Park‘ and a ‘Center for Water Sciences‘ that anyone can access anytime for free, but it is not a zoo in any ways… Indeed, some times we went to the park and no animal wanted to show up, and when you are finally lucky to spot some wildlife, our friends animals don’t stop and pose for our pictures, it’s nature! 🐸

👉 Phinizy Swamp Nature Park – 1858 Lock and Dam Road, Augusta, GA 30906 –

Join Froggyz Adventures for a nature walk in Augusta, in the heart of Phinizy Swamp, with this selection of our favorite photographies taken in this park during our different visits 📸

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