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You are probably curious to know who is hiding behind Froggyz Adventures, so let me introduce myself: I am Emilie, I have always been called ‘Frog’ by my relatives and I used to collect a lot of stuff representing this funny green animal, hence Froggyz! For me travelling is more than a hobbie. I am really keen on everything related to gateways, encounters and of course fun adventures, whether it is close to where I live or on the other side of the world! But I couldn’t go far away without my sweet husband, the best travel companion ever 😻 With all his photography tools, he shoots all the beautiful landscapes and captures the little beasties that we meet as great souvenirs of our adventures 📷

Froggyz Team

You might ask, what makes our adventures special? We could say almost nothing if we compare to other backpackers who travel the world by bike with a budget of $1 per day!! Us, we are just a simple French couple who relocated to the United Stated of America in January 2014. Where did we settle down? Well, it wasn’t in New-York, nor in Miami,

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not even in San Francisco, but in Augusta, Georgia…! 🍑 Here we go! We have something special and we are excited to share our life experience within the authentic America, the one that you haven’t planned in your road book, the one that is full of charm and you will want so much to visit in a few minutes! In order to travel this huge country, we take advantage (as much as possible) of weekends

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enjoy the story of our road trips in big cities and places off the beaten paths in the USA!

With Froggyz Adventures we describe, with fun and modesty, the little things that we discover everyday in the USA, according to our personal experience. You might feel differently and see other places during your own travels or your relocation in another area of the country. Tell us about these differences, they will enrich the blog. Comment on our articles, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more information, and share your opinion and feelings!

We’ll also share some pieces of our home country, France, which we love so much, and of other experiences when we travel abroad, because the world is not so small and adventure has no borders! So, if you can get some tips for your future trips and if we make you

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dream a little, or even smile, we will be delighted to tell you more about our little stories 👣

Contact Froggyz Adventures, we’ll be pleased to answer your questions and help you organize your next trip! Dream, laugh and take some of our tips. We have a lot of stories to share with you, and if you feel that it’s your turn to book a flight and leave for an adventure, I’d say… go!! ✈️

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.                                     African proverb


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