National Day #3: the American Hamburger

Let’s celebrate our third ‘National Days’ challenge with ‘National Hamburger Day’ 😋 Froggyz made a photo gallery specially dedicated to the most famous American sandwich in the word: the Hamburger! And, as we like to play, we invite you to vote for the picture which is the most tempting for you! Each image of our gallery is numbered, so you just have to indicate the number of the burger that you’d like to eat, right now, in the comments at the bottom of the article!

Meanwhile, our expert in photography and burger tasting reveals his three favorite places, all locals from Augusta, GA, to enjoy a real “American Hamburger” 🍔 Would you be able to recognize photos of these three restaurants…? 😉

  • Whiskey Bar Kitchen > We love the “Cali” burger with avocado and their Sweet Potato Fries are the best in town, so yummy!
  • Farmhaus > Customize your hamburger is so much better with local ingredients, and they also offer vegetarian and gluten-free option to satisfy everyone! And don’t leave without trying one of their terrific Shakes made with organic vanilla ice cream 🍦
  • Manuel’s Bread Café > Located in Hammond’s Ferry in North Augusta (South Carolina), this restaurant with French accents cooks the most simple but absolutely delicious “All American Burger”, and it’s probably the winner in our ranking! 

We wish you a Bon Appétit dear Friends 🐸 And please, have fun sharing with Froggyz Adventures the pictures of your next hamburger on our Facebook page or Instagram 📲


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